• Grammar Group received a brief from Samsung: “Create a spectrum of colour relating back to the quantum dot display, one of the main features of the TV.” 3D Deco received a brief from Grammar Group: “Develop a launch piece using entertainment and strings of colour”. 3D…

  • Winter wonderland theme for the forum

    White ceiling for Johannesburg Stock Exchange


    Wall mounted snowflake

    Tension fabric icicles for sandton convention centre

    taking fabric to a whole new level

    Stretch wall with airbrushed ice

    Stretch fabric snowflake with fairy lights

    Stretch fabric snowflake for christmas theme

    Stretch fabric snow flake

    Stretch fabric icicles for the ceiling at a mall

    Stretch cover for a geodesic dome for parliament event in Dubai

    Stretch decor for standard bank at SCC

    stretch ceiling for a VW launch

    Stage dressing stretch fabric pointy fins


    Mirror ball sculpture

    lycra stretch fabric shapes

    ice themed decor

    Ice sculpture for an exhibition stand at markex

    Ice room decor for winter wonderland freezing experience

    Ice room decor for an exhibition stand

    Ice freezochino sculpture by 3D Deco

    Ice decor for a presentation

    Freezing theme winter wonderland

    Ice cold icicles for mall decoration for christmas

    custom ice stage

    Curvy screens for as an entrance feature

    Concept for a free standing icicle

    Cold theme white stretch fabric decor

    Christmas dome for Silver star Casino

    Blue winter wonderland for Microsoft

    Bio geometric inspired decoration designed on sacred geometry pattern

  • Ceiling decor with a water theme


    Under water decorations made from stretch fabric for the forum in bryanston

    Stretch walls and stretch ceiling made from Lycra

    stretch wall airbrushed with a water pattern in a marquee

    Stretch flower designed on sacred geometry

    stretch fabric cocktail table

    Stretch Decor for Johannesburg Stock exchange

    Stretch decor creating an airplane theme interior look

    Layered stretch decor designed to Fibonacci spiral

    Layered sculpture made from stretch fabric at the forum in bryanston

    Galaxy stretch decor for samsung launch

    Double layer tension fabric walls

    double layer stretch wall with water airbrushed pattern

    double layer stretch ceiling made from lycra

    Curvilinear screens for the entrance to Netbank for American swiss

    Ceiling feature at markex exhibition

  • Airbrushed stretch sail

    Wind powered stretch sail for a yacht club

    South African tent20x12 m in Pretoria

    South African Giant Vuvusela

    South African Flag printed on stretch Fabric for 3D Design

    South African Flag made from stretch fabric for melrose arch tent

    Soccer ball on a giant vuvuzela expo stand for SoccerEX

    Soccer ball for markex foyer at Sandton Convention Centre

    Light weight 2 m soccer ball geodesic sphere

    giant south african Flag tent

    Giant soccer balls airbrushed on Stretch Fabric

    Formula one 1 theme decor for a casino

    Food stations with Country Flags olympic decor

  • Zuma and stretch fabric

    White stage fins made form stretch fabric

    tension fabric ceiling for a gaming space

    Stylish Ceiling decor

    Stylish auditorium decor

    Stunning stretch walls and ceiling tension fabric

    Stretch wall for a venue at melrose arch

    Stretch tension fabric icicles for an exhibition hall

    Stretch icicles for at a mall

    Stretch decor for investment cars dealership showroom

    Stretch decor for AMG Mercedes Launch

    Multilayered Stretch Decor tension fabric artwork

    Gold icicles for a marquee

    Giant stretch fabric wall for a wedding in Doha

    Clean stretch fabric decor for a marquee ceiling

    Clean and stylish stretch wall

    Black and white stretch tension fabric decor

    Black and white stretch fabric decor

    20x12 metre south african flag

    20 metre long tunnel for brighthouse

  • UV glow party

    theme check 4

    Stage set for Mtn at the venue

    Noddy hut for a mall part of christmas set

    Multilayered funky decor piece

    MTN stage set

    layered icicles

    kids party

    Interesting floral design

    In a yellow airplane

    Globe super hero table piece

    Funky table cloth and table piece

    Funky carnival hippy theme

    Fun ceiling feature



    Flower power

    Firmly cheese cloths made with lycra fabrics

    egyptian flower

    Double layer wall

    Decor for a boys room

    Curvy screen for tinkerbel

    Colourful experience for Hewlett Packard

    Colourful ceiling at Sandton

    Cheese cloth passage way

    Checkered waterfall

    Checkered room

    Ceiling for Anglo gold ashanti

    Biogeometrical purple feature

    Austin Powers theme

    Alice in wonderland theme

    100 metre ribbon

  • Checkered ceiling

    Giant chess


    Formula one 1 screen backdrop

    Formula one 1 one arch entrance for Monte Casino

    Formula 1 one features for a side walk

    Formula 1 curvy screens

    Formula 1 arch and cone

    F1 wavy wall

    F1 archway for the entrance

    F1 arch

    Cones covering concrete column in Formula one pattern

    Chess checkered theme reflection

    Checkred stripe for a ceiling

    Checkered theme waterwall

    Checkered F1 theme

  • Stretch Palm

    Palm trees for Monte Casino

    Palm tree from Lycra

    Mushroom design sculpture

    Green tea party

    Green forest backdrop

    Green bio geometrical design of Nature

    Green and nature theme for ben 10

    Forest theme of the 5 elements

    Forest theme airbrushed backdrop

    Forest airbrushed backdrop

    Floral design for a stage

    First sculpture in green Lycra

  • wall orange

    Ice walls for Gallagher estate

    Ice theme

    Ice of the fire theme

    Fire walls

    Fire of the ice theme

    Fire fan blown pillars

    Fire fan blown pillars for standard bank

    Fire and ice themed decor for the ceiling

    Fire and Ice theme

    Fire and Ice theme for standard bank

    Fire and ice theme for standard bank

    Fire and ice theme at sandton Convention centre

    Fiery wall for the venue at melrose arch

    Fiery Tunnel for Cell C Launch in PE

    Fiery ceiling for Doha UAE

    Fan blown pillars

    Double layer wall with intelligent lighting - spandex

    Double layer fire stretch Backdrop

    custom ice stage for Castle Lite

    3D Ice space venue

  • UV PARTY for Stanlib

    Under water party decor

    Super hero theme stretch decor for a barmitzvah

    Stretch tents for a festival

    Stretch tent for a club party

    Stretch set decor for Channel O Awards

    Stretch fabric design set for an opulent occasion

    Stretch decor for a bedouin tent

    Stretch decor for a bedouin tent (1)

    Stretch Cone with 10000 helium baloons

    Spiky ball spinning for a club UV decor

    Shade stretch tents bedouin for siemens

    Party tent just like umbrella

    Party backdrop

    Lovely stretch garden tent bedouin

    Lets party with fire and Chinese New year

    Layered stretch tent for Savanna

    kids party

    Globe stretch fabric table piece for Super hero theme

    Funky flower theme

    Funky fancy stretch decor for channel O party


    Forest theme party

    egyptian flower

    Colourful tent with printed pattern

    Colourful icicles for a party in Dubai

    cheeseafrican wedding1

    Candy sticks and stretch fabric

    Batmizvah decor theme

    Autumn coloured party theme

    Alice in wonderland theme

    Airbrushed stretch tent

  • 3D-bats

    Tree of life side view

    Tree of life design

    Teardrop for the Oriental Plaza

    Liquid design

    Geometrical structure

    Gear house trussing covering

    fan blown sail design for erricson

    Expandable dome

    Court yard decor set up

    Branded sculpture

    Bedouin tent with windows

    Bat for Sassol 2

    Bat for Sassol 1

    3D Deco can tailor make a stretch set or stretch sculpture to fit your brief. Our expert team is able to work with your specifications and bring to life your idea. Alternatively, if you are stuck for creativity, we can render options for you. Alosha…

  • main1

    Geodesic domes

    Geodesic dome for Pioneer

    Entrance feature tents for Specialised Exhibitions

    Domes for cop17 in Durban

    Decor inside a bedouin tent

    A village cluster of geodesic domes

    20x20 metre stretch tent

    13 metre geodesic dome

    7 metre Geodesic dome

    6 metre geodesic dome at Markex

  • stretch icicles at bedford centre (1)

    Stretch Icicles at Bedford Centre

    Stretch icicle under a ceiling

    Stretch icicle for circus

    Layered Ceiling decor

    Entrance Feature for DTI in Pretoria

    Entrance feature for a hotel in Melrose

    Corner Splash

    Ceiling for a marquee for mayo spier

    Ceiling for a marquee for mayo spier (1)

    Architectural feature layered icicle

    3D wall extrusion

  • White light up stretch tunnel

    Wavy screen

    Wavy Screen - White

    Stretch tunnel02

    Stretch tunnel

    Stretch cone


    Permanent decor

    Intercellular pyramid & I

    Intercellular cylinder

    Heart Mobile

    Funky Trees

    Flush tunnel

    Flower at Sexpo

    Fan Blown pillar in white

    Dr Spiky with dream catcher


    Bio Spira02

    Bio Spira


    Airbrushed tunnel

    3D Flower

  • New outdoor wedding in fiery colours

    Wedding set for Oakfields expo

    Wedding outdoor decor

    Wedding dome and shade bedouin tent

    Wedding designs

    Wedding decor in pink

    wedding copy

    Wall decor for a large scale wedding in UAE

    Shade for a white wedding

    Shade for a wedding

    Shade for a wedding using layers of lycra

    Red carpet wedding

    Pink at my wedding

    Wedding tent at Oakfields

    Autumn themed wedding

    Wedding tent

    Indian wedding

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  • African airbrushed sunset tunnel

    Stretch decor in a thatch hotel entrance

    Burned Oranges for a wedding

    Animal prints on stretch fabric decor for a room

    African themed wedding with stretch fabric

    African themed fire icicles

    African themed decor made with lycra stretch decor

    African themed decor animal prints

    African stretches for a gearhouse venue

    African stretch fabric

    African skinned cocktail table

    African sculpture for a visa function

    African fired colour theme

    African decor with stretch fabric

    African decor with a touch of black lines

    African decor for ICC

    African decor for Dubran international convention Centre

    African decor for a charity ball

    African airbrushed sunset

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