Product Description



Combining a natural design of spiral geometrix with latest laser technology – BioSPIRA will inspire your shop and liven up any home.

It can be transformed into any latest popular themes with the background layer print as well as Metallic and Special FX fabrics.  Streaks of light weight shefon can turn Bio spira into tree of life from Avatar or a Star Wars Shield.

It is made from Durable Spandex and tensioned over an aluminium frame or may be stretched in any space.

It is fully collapsible and weights under 1.5 kg

Size Diameter: 1.3 or 2.6 m

Price for 1.3 m diameter: R2000 / 133 USD for 5 layers in any colours of choice

Price for 2.6 m : R5000  / 333 USD for 5 layers | R7000 / 466 USD  for printed version

Colours: Any colour of your choice / Print with current design / Print your own design

Finishes: Belted all around with chrome rings

Skeleton: Collapsible aluminium hidden structure provided to create support to tension fabric.

Packaging: Printed cylinder 100cm x 12 cm diameter

How to: You tube video provided with step by step instructions

Set up time: 5 minutes every time.

Weight: 2 Kg


We can custom design BioSPIRA with any graphic / logo or spec. Price on request.