Product Description


Combining a natural design of spiral geometrix with latest laser technology – OCTASPIRA will inspire your shop, office or liven up any home.


Size diameter: 1.3 m double layer with light weight structure

Price: R1500 / 100 USD

Size diameter: 3×3 m without a structure single layer

Price: R1500 / 100 USD


Colours: Any colour of your choice, metallics, stretch leather, polkadots, furry suede… etc

Finishes: Belted all around with chrome rings

Pre prepped: It is prepped with 2 metres of string on every point

Skeleton: Fully collapsible

Weight: 1.3 kg

Size in packaging: Printed cylinder 70×12 cm

Set up time: 3 minutes with structure | 10 minute without structure (depends on availability of attachment points)